BBQ Chicken
BBQ glazed chicken, sweet potatoes & roasted veg.

Lamb Fofte
Clean lamb kofte kebabs, new potatoes & feta salad.

The Pull
Pulled chicken, brown rice and roasted veg.

Beef Cottage
Clean Lean Beef Cottage Pie & greens.

Jerk Chicken
Jerk Chicken, white rice & mixed veg.

Katsu Curry
katsu Curry with a mix of proteins & greens.

Mighty Prawn
King Prawn & chicken veg stir fry mix.
 Sea Bass

Grilled lemon seabass, spicy brown rice and greens.

Nude Burger
Lean Naked Burger & sweet Potato Waffle.

Steak and Mash
Lean Rump Stake, sweet mash and greens.

Veggie Sausage
Veggie Sausage & mash with roasted veg.

Mango Chilli chicken
Chilli Mango Chicken, with rice, green beans.

Chickpea Curry
Clean Chickpea Curry with spicy brown rice & veg.

Jerk Tofu
Jerk Tofu, sticky white rice & root veg.