Deluxe (£17.99 per head)

Deluxe (£17.99 per head)

  • Selection of quesadillas:

    Spinach Mushroom Feta

    Steak Halloumi Peppers

  • Selection of wraps:

    Chicken, Falafel & Halloumi

  • Selection of Skewers:

    Chicken & Halloumi

  • Selection of Snack Pots:

    Jerk Chicken, Slaw, Rice

    Peanut Satay, Asian Slaw

    Katsu Curry, Rice

  • Selection of Salad Pots:

    Quinoa Sweet Potato Feta Pomegranate

    Superfood Salad

  • Selection of Snacks:

    Sweet Potato Wedges and Dips

    Selection of Protein Balls and Brownies

    Selection of Smoothies

  • Collection: Free
  • Delivery: £9.99
  • Minimum order of 10